Personal Politics Exhibition

  • Bianca Saunders
  • GUIDO Mosch
  • Joy Matashi
This was a two day exihibiton curated by me. This was the first time Ace Hotel‘s Miranda has hosted an exhibition in this space. This was a multimedia exhibition that included my visual art work on small screens. A large screen premiered The "Premission". I collaborated with film director Akinola Davies, featuring music by Yassi.
Imagery from the Personal Politics Lookbook that was photographed by Adama Jalloh, styled by PC Williams .
Along side poetry by Caleb Femi, Seyi Isikalu Abondance Matanda and James Massiah.
Exploring trust, sensitivity and vulnerability within black masculinity with Bianca Saunders and Akinola Davies Jr.
The film features Bianca's RCA graduate collection and was released exclusively on Nowness
Watch it here
Director & Editor – Akinola Davies Jr
DOP – Jack Wells assisted by Nathalie Pitters
Styling – KK Obi
Grooming – Ammy Drammeh
Hair – Joy Matashi assisted by Afi Emily
Grading – Jason Wallis ETC
Casting – Chloe Rosolek
Music – Yassi Grez
Producer – Julie Vergez
Models – Clint & Lee, Eldon, Guido, Marc, Nana, Troy

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