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A distinctive new voice in the menswear arena, RCA alumnus Bianca Saunders specializes in proposing jarring twists to succinct garments, effectively redefining existing notions of masculinity. Drawing from touchstones on either side of her British and West Indian background, Saunders addresses the tension between tradition and evolution in designs that reference classic streetwear and avant-garde couture in equal measure, at times within the same piece. Staple jersey t-shirts are transformed by way of delicate ruched flourishes, while experiments in satin textures blur the line between lounge pant and formal trouser. These carefully considered tweaks transform everyday basics into imposing statement pieces, all the while instilling an overarching sense of artisanal craftsmanship to augment otherwise straightforward constructions. With a visual framework that is both familiar and alien, Bianca Saunders’ collections are shrouded in an ambiguity that invites unbounded self-expression in the wearer. This refreshingly self-assured sense of ambition establishes Bianca Saunders as a label unafraid to explore the malleability of streetwear-informed fashion, resulting in collections that effectively reveal the vulnerability that underlies straight-faced menswear.



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