Sound Collaboration

I collabrated with The NTS resident and jazzy electronic producer CKTRL . I wanted to create a sound to resperesnt the feeling of the concept that I was going for.
Having a sound which reperesented the mix of a modern grimey London sound with The 80s Reggae for my Integration collection was great.
The sound track was used for an installation that I made at Kingston university where the sound accompanied a film. Which was shown on a small Television monitor.

The concept titled Integration, looked at how the two cultures have merged together especially through music, sub cultural style of the Rude boy and the surroundings of London. I have creatively directed a short film that is a soundtrack to the integration of Jamaicans into British Culture. The film goes through scenes of Lewisham, Brixton, Notting Hill and Westminster to depict significant places for inner city integration. The sound track is a re modernisation of the British group Musical Youth “Pass the Dutchie” (1982) also counted as the films inspiration by looking at the music video. The bases of the track have depicts current London sound. The flashing colours connote the idea of when you hear music you see colours. It adds an extra sense of feeling to understand the environment. The fast moving colours they are in a sequence representing the British flag and the Jamaican Flag, it has to be watched very closely to catch it, but it adds a subliminal element.

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Bianca Saunders

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