Phantom Haunting London

  • Jamie Nicoll
  • Max McCabe
  • Emily Shorvon

A targeted launch campaign to announce Phantom's new website and refreshed branding. Notoriously mysterious, we stepped out of the shadows to create a tactical launch campaign that would grab the creative industry's attention. In an appropriately eerie announcement, our iconic logo was mischievously projected across London in the dead of night, weaving between windows and dancing on the rooftops of targeted media outlets and iconic landmarks. We created a series of 3D and typographic animations completely in-house, which were seen playfully projected across the offices of 8 key creative publications in full scale and real time. Phriend of Phantom Max McCabe was on board to shoot the evening, creating a series of short documentary films of our experiment. Known for maintaining a sense of secrecy around our work and inner workings, the campaign is a nod to our unique brand and new website's approach to lifting the veil on a number of our key projects and coveted traits of our team. In support of the launch, an abstract series of posters and stickers were created to showcase the new era of Phantom's brand.