PHE Change4Life - Sugar Smart World Campaign 2019

  • Amie Snow
  • Emma Whitford
  • Julie Featherstone
  • Leslie Watts
  • Yolanta Boti

Childhood obesity in the UK is on the rise,1 in 4 children aged 4-5 years is overweight/obese. Moreover 1 in 3 children aged 10-11 years is overweight/obese. Change4life wanted to educate kids and parents on the harmful impact of having too much sugar in their diets. We came up with a concept that was fun as well as educational, in the form of Sugar Smart World. A visually stimulating world that has been overrun by the Sugar Cube Invaders. We created imaginary lands that represented the foods we were tackling - Breakfast Town, Yoghurt Peak, Gulp City and Pudding farm. This pack was distributed to 4 million school kids around the UK, together with their parents they used the workbook and map to complete fun educational challenges, learnt how much sugar was in their everyday food and drink and changed their eating behaviour. We created weekly emails to further support the campaign message. Our idea also went on to inspire Saatchi&Saatchi's OOO & TVC, and PHE's additional educational resources.


Sugar Smart World TVC & OOO Display - Saatchi&Saatchi