Pick Up People

  • Steph Marlow
  • Siobhan Frost
  • Ben McQueen

Giving social sport the focus it deserves

While travelling, Nick Lawrence (a Sydney based photographer) became obsessed with pick-up basketball – it’s ability to breakdown social barriers, connect people and forge new friendships. Pick up People is a voyage into this sport and social phenomenon – using portrait photography Nick explores the human experience, social integration and cohesion, through the lens of pick-up basketball participants.

Breaking boundaries

Different to traditional basketball, players choose their team, what rules to follow and what court to play on – be it full or 1/2 size. Lines are blurred, crossed, bent or even broken. Pick Up People deconstruct and rebuild the game to how the like it. Just like the game, we take the simple aesthetic of court lines, cut, crop and overlap to create our own graphic device and a bespoke typeface.

Positive vibes

Nick told stories of moments that really moved him – there was a common thread in most his tales, the older players taking genuine time to guide and teach the youth the importance of team sport. We decided that this spirit must live as part of the brand and PUP was born, our mascot for social spirit. PUP’s illustrations and animations are all based on the positive messages of supporting one another as a team.
“ Above and beyond – the most succinct way to describe what to expect from a collaboration with This Works. Pick Up People was but a dream before they took up the reins and built our identity and website from scratch. They listened to our vision, then blew our expectations of what was possible out of the water. Innovative and considered at every step of the way, they are truly masters of their work when it comes to storytelling and building brand narrative. ” — Nick Lawrence, Photographer & Writer