Pink Palace Chocolate

  • Ellie Hegarty

​Pink Palace chocolate is a packaging brief from Shillington College. The focus of this project was on creating a strong back story, and to really honing in on personas and their needs and desires in every aspect of the design. This packaging design is inspired by the true story of Beatrice Rothschild and her eccentric life in the Palais Ephrussi in Nice, France, where she dressed her animals in clothes and personified them to the extreme. Thinking of my mother's hysterical laughter at the sight of animals in clothes when visiting this palace in 2012, I chose her as my demographic. She loves French culture and silliness as well as art history and architecture. The tone of voice of this packaging is in a classic cheeky Franglais. Matisse cut out motifs reference to the south of France, which adds lightness and joy to the historical animal illustrations.