Ellie Hegarty

Ellie Hegarty

Graphic DesignerUnited Kingdom
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Ellie Hegarty

Ellie Hegarty

Graphic DesignerUnited Kingdom
About me
I'm a Graphic Designer based in London. After working in Product Development in the luxury fashion industry for 3 years, I decided to change course and study graphic design full time at Shillington College in 2018. Since then I have been working at non-profit Innovation Unit, an organisation that works to make meaningful system change in mental health, children's social care and education in the UK. My specialities are illustration, branding, publishing and animation. Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more or work together.
  • Pink Palace Chocolate
    Pink Palace Chocolate​Pink Palace chocolate is a packaging brief from Shillington College. The focus of this project was on creating a strong back story, and to really honing in on personas and their needs and desires in every aspect of the design. This packaging design is inspired by the true story of Beatrice Rothschild and her eccentric life in the Palais Ephrussi in Nice, France, where she dressed her animals in clothes and personified them to the extreme. Thinking of my mother's hysterical laughter at the sigh
  • Southwark Playbook
    Southwark PlaybookThe Southwark Playbook is a project from 2019 for Innovation Unit. The brief was to create a short, flexible, playful handbook for staff neighbourhoods in Southwark to help residents improve physical and mental health. It was important for the client that this book was something not to be used as an exhaustive guide, but as something to make your own. This book reflects the elastic and playful nature of this guide through its visual language of bright colours, flexible shapes and loose guides.
  • Living Well Derbyshire: Brand Identity
    Living Well Derbyshire: Brand IdentityA recent branding project I've been working on with Innovation Unit for a new mental health service in Derbyshire. � We held a workshop with the Derbyshire team about what was important to them and their local area, and a big reoccurring theme was nature and its ability to restore and renew. This really made me think of David Hockney's iPad drawings from 2011 because his relationship with local countryside is really strong and this comes across in his vibrant and positive use of colour. His pai
  • Las Esquinas de Merida
    Las Esquinas de MeridaThis is an ongoing personal project of creating new visuals inspired by a trip to Mexico in 2019. Las Esquinas de Merida are historical street signs that were introduced after the colonisation of Merida, Yucatan. For those who did not speak Spanish, these visual street signs were used and have anecdotal meanings and stories behind them, that represent each location in some way.
  • My Brilliant Friend
    My Brilliant FriendSelf initiated project to redesign the cover of my favourite book, 'My Brilliant Friend,' by Elena Ferrante. I used the sea as a heavy part of the collage because it acts as a significant catalyst to the two character’s lives and their view of the world outside the confines of their oppressive neighbourhood. Unsplash photo credits: @jakobowens @caitlinoriel @adammakesfilm @andirieger @elfcodobelf @edwardutra @helenasollie @joshrh19 @mikailduran
  • Camilla Hegarty
    Camilla HegartyThis is a brief London based interior designer to create a brand identity, design her portfolio website and create stationery (letterheads, business cards etc.) The client felt it was important that her work was the main focus of the brand, and so it should be something that shows her personality, but doesn't overtake her achievements. This brand identity uses visual language that focuses on trust, warmth and honesty. The colours are calming and clean, and the typography choice shows trust thro
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