Pinterest Home of Inspiration

We partnered with Pinterest to bring inspiration at Cannes Lions.

In celebration of Pinterest being one of the most inspirational places on the internet, we took to Cannes Lions 2019 with the ‘The Home of Inspiration’. On the sunny beachfront pier at Cannes sat Dreamland, Playland and Discoveryland, three distinct experiences that were designed to take guests on an immersive journey from discovery through to inspiration. We oversaw the full experience, from early ideation, to creative direction, and the design of the space.
Concept and creative direction. Working hand-in-hand with the Pinterest brand creative team, we brought the experience to life, overseeing everything from early ideation, to the creative direction, to the space design. One of the things that makes Pinterest so unique is the mindset people are in when they use the app. People on Pinterest are more open to new ideas, more willing to try new things, more focused on the future. To bring that mindset to life, we created three separate ‘lands' that allowed guests to be inspired.
Playland. To inspire guests by encouraging them to lose their inhibitions, we created ‘Playland’. In this land, guests let loose in a space with a see saw, a merry go round, and other points of interaction, taking them back to that childhood sense of playful possibility. To bring this playground to life, we worked with artist Yinka Ilori, who tells stories through colours and shapes using a signature style that derives from the Nigerian fabrics which surrounded him as a child.
Dreamland. We often have our best ideas while we are at our most relaxed. To inspire guests with relaxation, we created ‘Dreamland’ - to encourage them to realise their aspirations in life. Within this space, visitors laid back on hammocks, ready to dream up their next big project. As guests looked up at the sky, they could see flags adorned with the names of real Pinterest users’ boards, about their own dreams - big and small.
Discoveryland. Every sense has the power to inspire, so we designed a space with all of these in mind, Discoveryland. For this area, we worked with experimental food and drink creators The Robin Collective, who use food and drink to confuse, delight and explore the senses. We wanted to go way beyond what guests would expect from a bar, so we delivered a true journey of discovery. Each guest explored Discoveryland while noting down their favourite tastes, smells and sounds, their choices leading to a totally bespoke cocktail designed to inspire and delight.
Storytelling. We worked with Pavilion Works to create a video for two giant screens located on Pinterest's pier at Cannes. This video was comprised of a series of animations created by Gianluca Alla, a time-lapse build of the space, and behind the scenes footage of the spaces. We filmed Yinka Ilori and The Robin Collective and explored what inspired Playland and Discoveryland, including the locations, Pinterest boards, and creative development that made up the spaces.
Anyways has been one of the very best agencies we’ve ever worked with at Pinterest. They immediately understood us as a brand, and truly “got” what Pinterest feels like.