Pints4Prevention - A Mental Health Campaign

  • Jake Hicks

In late 2019, I began work on GTBAL's first-ever marketing campaign, Pints4Prevention. The premise was simple, you'd donate the price of one pint a month, and we'd put that money into the prevention of suicide and depression in our local area. Inspired by modern street-tech aesthetics, the beautifully obnoxious yellow used by Samuel Burgess-Johnson for The 1975's Notes On A Conditional Form, and the punk marketing approach of the craft beer game-changers, Brewdog. As my first full-scale project for GTBAL, I was going to do this differently. I wanted people to not only donate money, but feel like world-changing rebels whilst they did it. We were going to war against poor mental health, and they were joining us. I am more proud of this project than I have been of anything I have ever achieved or produced. I hope you see why!