Poetry in Motion

  • Mason Wong

Poetry in Motion, is a personal project, aimed to reflect the art and fluidity of skateboarding. One that promotes creativity and free-thinking; sometimes silently, often influenced by the realms of music and fashion. This series includes art prints and a bespoke, hand drawn skateboard deck. I enjoy creating simple and creative designs that portray a strong message. This specific project allowed me to express my emotions through the art of illustrating simple line work on the back of a skateboard deck.

Art is imagination in motion

Riding styles have been evolving over time, alongside continuous changes in trends. The fluidity of skateboard shapes change to enhance different styles of riding, and I strongly believe that this goes hand in hand with the art on skateboard decks.
Our Journey

The journey of a skater isn’t always flat and straight, there are the ups, and the downs; it requires resilience in the face of repeated failure, but the energy always flow where intention goes.
The expression of intangible qualities in skateboarding is what defines the artistic aspects riders hold; it is an extension of our creative personalities.