(Poetry) | Kingdom of Mud

  • Jack Andrew Lenton
  • Peter Ainsworth
  • Johanna Bonnevier
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  • Writing
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60 pages, 16,5 x 25,7 cm
ISBN 0-604565-186379 Edition of 200 copies Published by Sky Burial Press Design by Bonnevier/Ainsworth ​£14.00

Description: Kingdom of Mud describes two observers (the naked eye of photographer, Shiri Lee Webb and Jack Andrew Lenton's loose tongue) attempting to bridge the divide between their interior worlds and England's wild landscape(s). Naturally, they fail in these endeavours – the visual/language gap is too wide to reconcile. All is muddied in the retelling, and as in England (more specifically across the varied terrain of Norfolk), all becomes mud. This book is about that failure. Collaborators:
Shiri Lee Webb is a photographer based in Hackney. Her work has been featured in Vice, Stereoscope Magazine and others. She has just returned from an photography exhibition in Kushva, Russia.