Pokemon Go Home

Over a single weekend posters went up all around London - from Westminster to Camden Town - in an ambush campaign to raise awareness for EU citizen rights post-Brexit.
The aim; to get more young people to sign a petition bringing this worrying lack of certainty to the UK government. But how to interest young people, who can barely look up from their latest escapade in Pokemon Go?
The answer - frame the issue in a way we knew would ignite their passions. These posters targeted London landmarks as well as PokeStops and Gyms - areas where we knew players would be out on the streets.
In less than twenty four hours, the buzz already started on Twitter and Instagram under #PokemonGoHome, driving people to visit our website.
With many new signatures added to the online petition, London spoke out loud and clear: people are just as important as Pokemon.
And then the press started...

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David Felton

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