Populus Whitepaper + Iconography

  • Prem Desai

My placement at Populus involved various responsibilities, including the task to create topic specific Whitepapers, based on the data collected by their Market Research. These were created using Adobe Indesign to ensure the layout of the paper was kept consistently accurate throughout, whilst the Imagery and visual aspects where created using Illustrator. Creating a large library of two types of Icon art styles to visualise their research/data was another responsibility I took on during my time there. Outcomes were designed adhering to the company guidelines & brand.

Biometrics Whitepaper: 'Emotions in Motion'

A collaboration with Formula 1 to investigate into their viewing audience, enabling the business to really understand how to reconnect to them, as the sport is considered nowadays as a 'dying sport'. This whitepaper research revolves around the theme of using a biometrics sensor device that clips onto a respondent’s finger, to capture real-time human responses, with combining neuroscience and market research for a full picture.​​​​​​​ The outcome had to later be adapted to 'Populus Data Solutions' (PDS) by the company.

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Iconography Library Example 1

Energy Whitepaper: 'Improving customer satisfaction in an increasingly competitive landscape'

Through being provided a document of words and listed statistics, I was tasked to reimagine data an information collated by other department within the company, to visualise accurate research findings in a Whitepaper format, whilst adhering to the guidelines. To summarise, this Whitepaper's content surrounds the exploration into energy providers, and how they are rapidly embracing new technologies to meet changing consumer expectations, that are currently redefining the ways in customer interaction with the brands.

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Iconography Library Example 2