Porsche & TAG Heuer - Stay Hungry

  • Steffen Johansen

The experiences people share on social media become gradually more polished, more filtered, more perfect. The face of Instagram is one of success, linear beauty, and superficial happiness only. It’s nothing more than portraits of ideal end results. There is a risk of losing the pride one gains by trying, failing, getting back up, getting out of your comfort zone, and fighting for what you want. Life is not about end results. If it was, composers would only write the finales of symphonies, the best musicians would be the ones who played the fastest, and people would go to concerts just to hear one crashing chord. A dance would be nothing but a way to transport yourself to the bar, and you’d skip straight to the last page of your favorite book, every time. We believe that life is about the journey. The attitude you have as you work towards overcoming challenges is what defines you — not whether you make it or not. In our view, Porsche’s venture into Formula E is a shiny symbol of this sense of pride one gains by trying and working hard. The decision to join the Formula E as a new manufacturer takes real courage. You know there is a risk of failing, and still you have the hunger to do everything you can… To stay in the game and evolve with the task ahead without being sure of the outcome or the commitment. We believe this is a mentality so many viewers aim for. Those who grind. Those who risk. Those who fail and get back up.. It is an attitude that we need to remind the world of. You don’t gain anything if you don’t push yourself — if you don’t stay focussed and committed to achieving your goal. The Porsche Formula E car becomes a shining beacon for this go-get-’em attitude. Venturing into unknown territory, knowing that you’re up against the elite, that the journey will be difficult, but still you fight for it. You still give it everything you’ve got. You stay hungry.


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