1. “STYLO”-
Teenagers and young adults love to accessorize themselves wherever they go. Shades/spectacles have become one of them. So the main idea of the ad is to show that the brand “Stylo” sells shades for various places, occasions etc. It was shot using a green screen behind and later keying the image with a P2HD camera and edited using Adobe Premier Pro. The animated logo of the “Stylo” shades is made in Adobe Flash CS5.
“The Raging Score”-
Football as a sport has set standards in Chennai and has grown much since the last decade. Hence, the documentary style presentation that begins by introducing what the current scene of football in Chennai proceeds to interviews with players, parents and coaches. The documentary intends to show how football as a sport is making a mark in Chennai. It is almost a 7 minutes documentary and was shot using the camera as the advertisement and also edited with the same software Adobe Premier Pro.

. “Public Service Announcement on drug abuse”
People tell people others that drugs can do well. To show that such people are only lying by trying to convince you that drugs are the only solutions to life. But truth is, it only gets worse from doing it. This video tries to deliver the message to the audience the different problems that occur if drugs are practiced. The main message of this P.S.A is saying “NO TO DRUGS” by showcasing how life gets affected in 30 seconds
This video is done using the basic DSLR canon 600D and edited using Adobe Premier Pro. The background music is added and adjusted in the same software and the music I have chosen is Beethoven - Für Elise to give a little sad feel.

This 2 minute video was with team of 3 people with an aim of promoting education to the students/children of Mauritius. The state of education and career options is not as much in Mauritius in compared to other countries. So in order to promote one of the main factor of an individuals life which is education, this video made. Another reason to make this video was to help the children realize that they have various job opportunities and not just the stuff they see on their day-to day their lives. We interviewed a couple of children from a not so developed schools and asked them their name, age and what they wanted to be when they grow up. This is done to determine how much they know about career options in the outside world. This video was taken using Nikon D5200 and was edited using Adobe Premier and so was music. A little research was also done so that an approx statistics could be provided in the video to show many children are actually being educated.

This is the first Panorama film that was created by my group as a project for our course at University Of Greenwich.

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