Ruhul Amin

Data AnalystLondon, United Kingdom
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Ruhul Amin

Data AnalystLondon, United Kingdom
Projects credited in
  • The Red Crane
    The Red CraneThe red Scotch Derrick at Lawrence Wharf is a wonderfully preserved crane from Rotherhithe's shipping past. It is located along the River Thames and it is has been closed since 1986. The project is a regeneration scheme for the riverfront which places the crane as the main focus. The proposal is connecting the missing Thames Path through a cabin located at the end of the long arm of the crane so that visitors will continue their journey along the river in an alternative way. While in the cabin,
  • The Royal Dock
    The Royal DockDeptford Dockyard was the first of the London Royal Dockyards opened by Henry VII. It brought prosperity and a large population to the surrounding area. The idea of this poster is to show the comparison between the dock in 1870 and the existing buildings
  • Status - What must a town do to become a city?
    Status - What must a town do to become a city?Introduction: 'Status' is an animated short film exploring a speculative future for Southend-on-Sea which I completed for my Postgraduate degree in Architecture at the University of Greenwich in 2016. As my major design project I was responsible for every aspect of the production, from research, concept design, and storyboarding, to 3D-modelling, compositing, and sound design. Description: In the United Kingdom the honour of city status continues to be publicly misunderstood, persistently pur
  • Sexist Advertising
    Sexist AdvertisingDissertation project about sexist advertising and how this can affect the purchase intention and the brand identity
  • Singularity is Near
    Singularity is NearSingularity is the point where machine intelligence begins to amend itself, improve itself. Machines are capable of thinking. The consequences of that are: Who will be running the world? Which way will it be taken? How will humans relate to it?
    PORTFOLIO 1. “STYLO”- Teenagers and young adults love to accessorize themselves wherever they go. Shades/spectacles have become one of them. So the main idea of the ad is to show that the brand “Stylo” sells shades for various places, occasions etc. It was shot using a green screen behind and later keying the image with a P2HD camera and edited using Adobe Premier Pro. The animated logo of the “Stylo” shades is made in Adobe Flash CS5. “The Raging Score”- Football as a sport has set standards in Chenn
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