Postcard City - Documentary Photo project funded by The Guardian + RPS

  • Henri Kisielewski

My latest project Postcard City explores mass tourism in Lisbon using fado - Lisbon’s urban folk music - as a central metaphor.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ This project was funded via the Joan Wakelin Bursary (administered by the Guardian and the Royal Photographic Society). A selection of the images and my accompanying text can be found on the Guardian website here:

I was interested in exploring mass tourism in a way that goes beyond just pointing to its effects. Rather than show the signs of change (shiny new shops, swanky hotels and shifting demographics), I wanted to engage with the ways in which the soul of a place can change and try to translate that visually.⁠⠀
Fado was an interesting starting point because on one hand it is often upheld as the essence of Lisbon, an incorruptible mainstay in a rapidly changing city. On the other, it is the main attraction for many of the city’s 4.5 million visitors and is increasingly commodified to meet this demand.⁠