Potluck Issue 2: Winter's Traditions

  • Rhia Cook
  • Jessica Thomson
  • Lia Burge Rogers
  • Mairi Bunce
  • Zhenya Tsenzharyk
  • Matt O'Callaghan
  • Zoe Swann
  • Enez Nathie
  • Mia McTigue-Rodriguez
  • Mary Carter
  • Niamh McBride
  • Sophie Parsons
  • Lucas Oakeley

Potluck is a print and online zine born from a love of food. It shares your stories of cooking, eating and sharing food and all the pleasures and practicalities that come along with it. It’s about togetherness, community and eating delicious things. Our second issue is a 68-page magazine all about Winter's Traditions, exploring the big holiday traditions and personal rituals of a season built on habit, and how 2020 affected those traditions. It's packed full of interesting personal stories, delicious recipes, and beautiful illustrations and photography from 40 contributors. Contributors are paid for all their hard work through a royalties system and we donate 10% of all of our sales to the Trussell Trust, the UK's biggest foodbank charity. Find a full list of all contributors at the end! Find copies for sale here: potluckzine.co.uk/product-page/issue-2-winter-s-traditions Want to see what we're up to next? potluckzine.co.uk Instagram: @potluckzine Facebook: Potluck Zine Pinterest: Potluck Zine

Cover illustration by Celia Wood
Writing by Lucas Oakeley and Illustration by Sophie Percy
Writing by Zhenya Tenzharyk and Illustration by me, Rhia Cook
Food is never just food. It is a comfort, a salve, an act of remembrance, a celebration, a way of saying to yourself or to those you love: I made this for you.
Charlotte Duff, Nourish
Writing by Ruby Martin and Illustration by me, Rhia Cook
Writing and Photography by Gabriela Cárdenas
"It wasn't so much the technique, or even the specific recipe that Grandfather Basson bequeathed to me, as it was the tradition of the meal, the pleasure of meticulous preparation and execution, the ceaseless joy in sharing a meal with loved ones, and the sarisfaction in hearing the scarpe of the serving spoon against the empty bottom of the pot."
Jaco Prinsloo, Passing on the Potjiekos
Writing by Lia Burge and Illustration by me, Rhia Cook
Writing by Enez Nathie and Illustration by Zoë Swann
Illustration by Niamh McBride
Illustration by Jorge Garcia Redondo
Illustration by Ellie Bassford