• Emma Spence

As part of my interview for the role of Marketing and PR Executive with an Advertising Agency, I was given a live brief to fulfil for the FMCG Supermalt B Vitamin Beverage. This gives you an example of my use of Powerpoint, my social media engagement and content ideas, and my ability to answer Marketing ideas to a specific brief. I down loaded a lot of the images from Google and embedded the images into PowerPoint. The introduction PowerPoint images with the squares around them were given animation to be able to move to a blow up audio sound. I clipped short seconds of music from songs from my vast music collection that I thought would go well with the presentation (e.g. Tinie Tempah's "Pass Out" - song) when you clicked on the speaker symbols the short exert of music would play. This also came with descriptive speaker notes as part of the brief was to create a PowerPoint presentation that the Account Handler could take to the client and present. Needless to say that the presentation was a success in contributing to achieving the role as Marketing and PR Executive.