Press Pause Re-Brand

  • Jess Macdonald
  • Mikey Bramich

Drowning in her own “beautiful disaster“, as she calls it, after juggling three children, a career, an anxiety disorder, and the pressure to be perfect, Founder Dawn Fable turned to CBD oil to save her from breaking point. The incredible part? It worked. After her personal discovery of the powers of CBD, Dawn looked around her and saw too many women and mothers in a similar position - and so Press Pause was born. Pressing pause. It’s a window, a key-hole, a mirror. A chance to jump clean into escape, dive deep into relaxation, or submerge into sensual bliss. A moment to meet one of the myriad “me’s”, and tend lovingly to her needs. Honour how you feel in the present moment and pick your potion. For exciting, inspiring, soothing - settling, escaping, resting - loving, moving, recovering. Press pause, take control, and transform.

As featured in Forbes
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