PUBLICATION .The State of Luxury: France

  • Elodie Marteau

Publisher: LS:N Global by The Future Laboratory 2019

The typically conservative French luxury market is rethinking conventional displays of wealth, evolving towards a democratised definition of luxury. Wealthy French consumers are beginning to question what defines their traditional luxury market, and whether these values still stand. As a result, inclusivity, democratised access and simplicity are emerging as new tenets of luxury in this typically conservative market, with emerging designers, revamped regions and local luxury inspirations helping to propel this evolution.
'The French intelligentsia was astonished by the gilets jaunes movement. It was like they’d just discovered a lost tribe in the Amazon wearing yellow vests.' Christophe Guilluy, social geographer
Indeed, Generation Z and Millennial French consumers are challenging traditional notions of luxury, from inclusivity to access.
‘Today’s consumers are turned off by the very word ‘luxury’. For them, the term has connotations of elitism and exclusivity. Instead, they want a luxury that is inclusive, honest and democratic,’ explains Alexander Gilkes, co-founder of auction house Paddle8.
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