PUBLICATION .Women's football revolution

  • Elodie Marteau

Publisher: LS:N Global by The Future Laboratory 2019

I interviewed Nicolas Bastide, event logistics project lead at the Local Organising Committee for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019, on the major brand and audience opportunities that lie ahead for women’s football. Women’s football is flourishing, according to Bastide.

‘Brands have everything to gain from taking part in women’s football and many will benefit from the Women’s World Cup. As this market develops, it is becoming more lucrative for brands and broadcasters alike, with increasing tv rights and more spectators.’
But to truly engage fans, brands must stop replicating what works well for the men’s game.

‘Some men's teams are more than a century old and have a strong history, whereas women’s football is relatively new,’ he argues. ‘That’s why we need to change how we approach women’s football, starting with building a fresh identity.’
‘After this World Cup, I expect growth in women’s football to continue, with more infrastructure created and money invested. Spectators will become used to seeing women’s football matches on tv and broadcasters will be encouraged to show more women’s games. We still have a long journey, but the future looks hugely encouraging.'
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