Pure London AW18/19 + Pure Origin SS19 Publications

  • Katie Barron
Brief: To design the Pure London Show Guide and Pocket Guide AW18/19 using their new creative which needs to be clean and bold; focusing around the concept of 'We are London'. During the process the new sector of the show 'Pure Origin', needed more of it's own identity, so we solved this problem with a 'tilt and turn' style magazine, Pure London at the front and the smaller Pure Origin was at the back when the magazine is flipped over. The flag graphic wrapping around the magazine to ensure cohesion, yet separation.
Final Outcome: A set of bold and effective on-site marketing and navigational tools, which was distributed to every visitor at the entrance. The guide seamlessly blended in with the on-site identity. The floorplan was also used for on-site signage. The client was very happy with the overall products.