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  • Daniele Daldoss

Radiant Dusk Games is a project that was born to share the passion for board games into a brand that will eventually lead to the creation of a game company. Everything, starting from the naming, has been carefully pondered. Evening (Dusk) is the period of time when board games are usually played, and the Radiant adjective that metaphorically bends a dark period of the day into a shiny one, due to the fun that board games bring. In this particular project, I show how different aspects of the design can harmonically work together to generate the best result. The symbol was designed directly in 3D, but rendered and processed in such a way that a 2D version is easily printable on fabric using just two colours, is available. The animation itself and the fact that the symbol was created at 360° grants a huge room for future development, last but not least the generation of 3D printable gadgets. Visit the Instagram channel here www.instagram.com/radiantduskgames

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