Daniele Daldoss

Daniele Daldoss

Blend{er} Creative • 3D // Motion // BrandingManchester, United Kingdom
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Daniele Daldoss

Daniele Daldoss

Blend{er} Creative • 3D // Motion // BrandingManchester, United Kingdom
About me
Hi, I’m Daniele, and I'm a freelance designer. I work mainly with 3D, motion graphics and branding, and I can use my skills for more classical graphic and web design. My working method consists of making elements reusable across different channels. What does it mean? It means that while designing a logo for a business card, the very same element will have the potential to become the intro of an infographic or the foundation for a 3D printed keychain. Granting harmony across different channels reducing costs is one of my goals. If you wish to ask for more information about what I do feel free to drop me a line!
  • Radiant Dusk Games Logo
    Radiant Dusk Games LogoRadiant Dusk Games is a project that was born to share the passion for board games into a brand that will eventually lead to the creation of a game company. Everything, starting from the naming, has been carefully pondered. Evening (Dusk) is the period of time when board games are usually played, and the Radiant adjective that metaphorically bends a dark period of the day into a shiny one, due to the fun that board games bring. In this particular project, I show how different aspects of the des
  • Liquid Summer Content
    Liquid Summer ContentWhen it comes to contents generation, one big consideration is "how much time should you spend on a piece of content?". It is true that perfect animations require hours and hours, but on the other hand, short messages on socials, end up being received and lost in a matter of days. Who remembers a post seen one week ago? I believe that reusability is one of the key concept nowadays in design and animation. It allows us to generate artworks that can be easily tweaked and adapted to different medi
  • Key2Fit Logo
    Key2Fit LogoThis logo was created for Key2Fit, a personal trainer business in Manchester. The client is not only an excellent instructor, but also a great nutritionist. For this reason, the brand was developed reflecting this idea of ​​’the key to wellbeing’. The use of pure colours makes the representation easily reproducible on various supports (not least the fabric), and the absence of shades allows the creation of relief or 3D versions. In the generation of this concept, I wanted to reflect on how the
  • AtSt (Walker)
    AtSt (Walker)Second render of a project I started some time ago. Modelled in Blender 2.93 and rendered in EEVEE, this mesh was created using hard surface techniques in a non-destructive way. This means that the level of detail can be modulated depending on the use. Bevelled edges can be removed to increase performances into game engines or smoothed even more to add realism into an animation. The very materials were generated procedurally, limiting the use of UV maps.
  • The DeLorean
    The DeLoreanLoving the Back to the Future’s trilogy, I felt compelled to pay tribute to this treasure of all-time cinema! This is a 3D asset I made to work on some VFX. The model was developed in Blender 2.93 and rendered in EEVEE. What amazes me about this workflow is the flexibility… All the parts were placed into separate collections. In this way, I can easily switch among all the different versions of the car keeping all the meshes organized and accessible. A non-destructive modelling style helps to ge
  • Deadpool's Gun
    Deadpool's GunWhile repudiating violence in all its forms, I am a fervent nerd, fond of comics, and video games like Overwartch. Some time ago I started working on a 3D model of Deadpool. Having to finish it, I found myself modelling weapons of all kinds. I believe that, as in the case of Carmageddon, which decades later has shown how simulated driving violence has led to more responsible drivers, even in the case of shooter games, the exorcization of the concept of violence intrinsically makes players less
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Projects credited in
  • Valentine's AR Try On Ads for Marionnaud and Superdrug
    Valentine's AR Try On Ads for Marionnaud and SuperdrugI have partnered with Marionnaud and Superdrug to create augmented reality lipstick try-on effects for Valentine’s day. This AR filter allows users to discover different product ranges, ‘try on’ different lipsticks, decide which colour they like the most and even purchase it. The series of effects were realised on Instagram and Facebook as organic filters but also on Facebook as an AR AD. Augmented Reality ads allow users to go straight from trying stage to purchase, with one click. Try on Ads
Work history
    Madquake Creative logo
    Madquake Creative logo
    Creative Designer | Motion Graphics | 3DMadquake Creative
    Manchester, United KingdomFreelance
    · 3D CGI in collaboration with Bigtooth studio Wolverhampton. Using Animation Nodes a fully controllable system was created to grant 100% freedom to the client to generate the perfect animation. · Creation and maintenance of the corporate image of Cinqueteste Luxury Home Venice. This project includes the creation of brand guidelines and the creation and maintenance of social channels. · Web Design // Development of the Cinqueteste Luxury Home Venice website (www.cimqueteste.com) · 3D Design at Ipos. The project included the modeling of sales points and the creation of shop windows and interiors displayed in 3D Blender and delivered in a presentation to the customer. · Modeling, animation and rendering in 3D Blender of Motorbright products for advertising purposes. · Creation and development of the Motorbright website (www.motorbright.co.uk) with particular attention to e-commerce functions using wooCommerce as a sales platform.
    JD Sports logo
    JD Sports logo
    Motion Graphics DesignerJD Sports
     - Manchester, United KingdomFull Time
    · Development of engaging animated campaigns from conceptualisation to delivery. This increased awareness and expanded brand guidelines. · Creation of “ready to animate” templates focusing on flexibility and usage. For this, I implemented the use of scripting languages within 2D and 3D files within a high backend usability preserving the focus on engaging front-end contents. · Generation of a huge campaign for Puma from scratch to delivery finding answers on how to merge 2D and 3D content on different screens (and) with varying aspect ratios. The result has been used in all the main JD shops around the world as well as on social media. · Modelling and improvement of different 3D assets. Quite satisfying was suggesting the use of normal maps for some products to keep a high quality, dramatically reducing the time required for rendering.
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  • Blender
  • Motion Graphics
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Sketching
  • Web Design
  • Scripting
  • After Effects
  • Infographic Creation
  • Animation
    Master of ArtsNABA Milano
     - Milan, Italy
    Final score achieved of 110/110 with Honours. 2-year course. The program approaches business communication as a synthesis of economic and artistic dimensions giving the opportunity to cultivate related skills in a variety of design tools.
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) LABA, Libera Accademia di Belle Arti
     - Brescia, Italy
    Final score achieved of 110/110 with Honours. 3-year course. The aim of the course is training in order to act immediately in managerial roles on creative teams in private companies and public institutions that work in the field of culture, art, image and communication.
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