Liquid Summer Content

  • Daniele Daldoss

When it comes to contents generation, one big consideration is "how much time should you spend on a piece of content?". It is true that perfect animations require hours and hours, but on the other hand, short messages on socials, end up being received and lost in a matter of days. Who remembers a post seen one week ago? I believe that reusability is one of the key concept nowadays in design and animation. It allows us to generate artworks that can be easily tweaked and adapted to different media. I was working on a study on fluid generation in Mantaflow (Blender module) and I immediately thought on how this content could lead to something more than being a simple proof of concept. Despite the scepticism of generating contents that are not always completely new, I found that this working methodology offers a greater room to the passage of messages, leading to a constantly transforming chain of ideas. This is, after all, at the basics of art direction. A concept that leads to a second and then a third in a never-ending flow of new ideas and messages.