RAF Museum - First to the Future

  • Izzy Kertland
Project produced whilst at Kin.
Working with the RAF Museum Kin created a range of interactives exhibitions for the new First to the Future gallery.
The Debate Space is a four meter wide touch sensitive table. Nine overhead projectors show content on the table and work together to create a giant interactive surface that acts as a forum for evidence gathering, conversation, and debate. Launching with the topics of drone warfare and the use of artificial intelligence, the table helps groups of students, cadets and visitors learn about the format and function of debate as well as investigate the two sides of these controversial subjects.
Design in Action allows visitors to concoct their own aircraft using parts of iconic RAF planes from throughout the ages. Visitors do this on a large digital drafting table, dragging and dropping various wings and engines etc., to design their own custom creation. They can then fly their plane and test it against one of three missions in the neighbouring pilot pods.
I led production on this 6 month long project. Overseeing content creating, design, software development, technical specification and installation.