Raine & Horne - Amplify National Campaign

  • Louise Whittaker

The project was called Amplify, Australia’s first fully integrated social media platform that aimed to drive sales and push ads through our partners websites. The key objectives of the campaign was to increase listings and drive potential clients, promote exclusivity - as the product was only available through Raine & Horne, increase brand awareness through producing more ads and driving traffic back to the companies website. I successful planned and coordinated the launch of the product. I was using a multichannel strategy with tailored messaging across a range of demographics and locations. I looked after the key messaging & creative, coordinated marketing resources, implemented digital advertising across radio, tv and PR, I produced a consumer and internal video and also enabled the sales team through face to face training and product webinars. The launch was a success meeting 80% of our goals including 70% of our network adopting amplify, increasing listings by 10% and increasing the visits to our website homepage by 15% and a minimum of 250 click throughs to the amplify landing page.