RALI Online

  • Emma Wood
  • Rowan Ling
  • Ross Musgrove

In a rapidly changing professional landscape, what we know and understand as the working world now is going to very different in the not so distant future. So how does the modern or future leader keep themselves ahead of the game? Rialto Consultancy came to us with an idea on how they can – and we built it. If you want to know more, you’re going to have to look into it yourself (or call us). Getting RALI online to BETA pushed our design thinking to all sorts of new levels of emotional intelligence. Because you’re not just presenting someone’s potential to them on a screen, which is scary enough… This platform invites users to play with their own characteristics and understand how changing their behaviour can impact their professional life. That’s pretty mental. We’ve got some of the way to making this as good as it can be, but we (and team RALI) know that there’s still some way to go.