Random Dance

A brand identity that deconstructs Wayne McGregor's principles of dance.

World renowned choreographer, Wayne McGregor wanted a way to teach his method of dance within schools, and beyond. We helped devise a set of 12 choreographic principles that communicated his methodology in a simple and approachable way. 
We developed a brand language, a toolkit and an exhibition that bought those principles to life, and encouraged people to deconstruct the way that they think about movement. The typographic solution moved away from generic photographs of dancers, and allowed his key principles to be illustrated, broken down, and rearranged into infinitely variable sets of patterns, forming a perfect metaphor for McGregor’s idea of unrestricted movement. 
My Role
I worked as a designer on the brand, as well as using my experience in 3-dimensional thinking to bring these to life in an exhibition. This was my first commercial project, which I worked on during work experience after my first year at university.
- D&AD Yellow Pencil (Integrated branding) - Creative Review Annual Award - Design Week Awards - Silver Bulb - Clio awards - Bronze
Design Agency: Magpie Studio Client: Wayne McGregor Creative Director: Ben Christie Senior Designer: Aimi Awang Designer: Jack Beveridge


Jack Beveridge

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