Rankin x Coco de Mer SS19- The Renaissance

This collection reinterprets a mythological exploration into erotica. All photography by Rankin - a long-term Coco de Mer collaborator. Derived from references to seduction & sensuality by influential artists of the Italian Renaissance Era, this season’s collection reinterprets a mythological exploration into erotica. Concept and embroidery design focuses specifically on a study into the sexually metaphorical use of fruit & flora for expressions of sensuality, temptation and seduction. The concept interprets a study into Botticelli’s infamous ‘Primavera’, a hypnotic allegory based on the lush growth of Spring. Inspiration was drawn from the central figure, Venus, strongly connotated with love and sexual desire, and the surrounding depiction of flora, supposedly a metaphor for sexual blossoming and seduction. Drawing influence from SS19 trends for ‘Nostalgic Florals,’ fabrics are defined by a rich and refined handle worked to achieve a rustic and romantic quality. Authentic flora-themed Renaissance tapestry and whimsical painterly motifs characterise the overall direction. A rich and decadent take on a Spring/Summer colour palette, delicate floral tones are placed in contrast with smokey hues with deep undertones and heady red accents. The Renaissance collection includes: Flora Flora encapsulates the irresistible beauty of blossoming botanical elements within Botticelli's Primavera, in a manner both delicate and intriguing. An alluringly enchanting pistachio lace adorned with intricate deep blue metallic threadwork is subtly enhanced with touches of luxurious silk to create a captivating effect. Aglaea Both Mesmerising and enchanting, Aglaea intricately contours the body through curve-enhancing shapes, worked into a beautifully delicate black eyelash lace and teased with glimpses of skin to allure and entice. Venus Alluring and impactful as the mythical goddess of Love, Venus encapsulates a provocative sensuality to tempt and entice. A luxuriously decadent deep red lace with intricate metallic threadwork subtly catches the light with an almost gossamer-like quality, designed to enthrall and intrigue Enchantress Hypnotic and seductive, Enchantress takes inspiration from the strong metaphorical undertones for sexual desire and seduction evident within the works of several Renaissance artists. Body sculpting mesh with silk detailing is worked to create figure-enhancing shapes amplified by intricate lacing details. Thalia Thalia encapsulates the richness and refined qualities found in ornate renaissance tapestry. A whimsical, painterly embroidery on tulle has been designed to achieve a mesmerising romantic quality which has been worked into alluring shapes that aim to frame and enhance. Retail prices range from £75 for an eye mask to £495 for a robe. SS19 will be available to purchase from global wholesale outlets as well as the Coco de Mer Boutique and www.coco-de-mer.com from December 2018. SS19 MAINLINE // COCO DE MER CREDITS PHOTOGRAPHER:RANKIN EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: NICOLA KENNEY PRODUCER: CHRISTINE WRIGHT MAKE UP ARTIST: MARCO ANTONIO HAIR STYLIST: JONATHAN CONNELLY HAIR ASSISTANT: C/O JONATHAN CONNELLY DIR MANICURIST: KELLY SHENTON STYLIST: ANNA HUGHES-CHAMBERLAIN TALENT: ELLE DOWLING @ MODELS 1 TALENT: ISHIOMA @ STORM MODELS TALENT: ELLEN G @ IMG STILLS ASSISTANT: JACK CHAMBERLAIN STILLS ASSISTANT: MICAELA MCLUCAS STILLS ASSISTANT: BEN DUAH STILLS ASSISTANT: DERRICK KAKEMBO STILLS ASSISTANT: CONOR CLARKE STILLS ASSISTANT: ED AKED DIGI: NEIL BENNETT DIGI: ALEX GALE ART DEPARTMENT: KENZIE YEO DONALDSON ART DEPARTMENT: AMELIA TAVENNER ART DEPARTMENT: ARCHIE HARDING ART DEPARTMENT: SADIE HAQUE ART DEPARTMENT: ELLIE KOSLOWSKY

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