Re:act 2020 x London College of Communication - Road Safety Campaign

  • Reana Kerai

The #EyesUpPhonesDown campaign from Reana Kerai, BA (Hons) Graphic Branding and Identity Graduate and winner of the Re:act 2020 brief, has been shown in ad spaces across London to mark UN Global Road Safety Week.

Specialising in creative behavioural change, Australian based agency Hard Edge designed the Re:act brief to challenge university students to raise awareness of critical road safety issues while confronting the road behaviours of 18-25-year olds.

2020 saw the fifth iteration of the brief as the project expanded globally, coming to London College of Communication.

Titled ‘Distractions’, the brief highlighted startling statistics such as:“When a driver’s eyes are off the road for 2 seconds when driving at 50 km/h, they are essentially travelling ‘blind’ for up to 28 metres”, demonstrating the need for campaigns that target the importance of attention on the road, particularly as we navigate out of lockdown.
The project asked students to carry out research, define insights, develop concepts and strategies, implement the designs in real life settings and design campaign plans for reaching the target audience effectively.

We chatted to Reana about her insights and inspirations for the project.

“I discovered that pedestrians were the most vulnerable road users, and there weren’t as many campaigns aimed at pedestrians compared to drivers.”

“As the brief was targeted at my age group (18-25), our opinions and what we tend to do was important – for me, in this case, everything centred around walking when using a mobile phone. I wanted to produce a campaign that would make a difference to the actual problem, and to brand it in a fun but professional way."
Consisting of clever messaging, striking animation and a simple behavioural change strategy, the campaign tackles the issue head on, encouraging pedestrians to look up from their screens and pay more attention to their surroundings.

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