• Stefanie Sword-Williams
  • Sinead Taylor
  • Sonya Xena
  • Adrian Iordanoaia

It was time to let go of all the crap from 2020, and start the new year with a brand new look for F*ck Being Humble. So I briefed Sinead Taylor to design a rebrand that would provide F*ck Being Humble with a stronger brand identity, engaging presentation visuals and marketing materials that had more energy than before. I always wanted F*ck Being Humble to cut through the clutter of professional development and be considered as a lifestyle brand that was influenced by the music industry and festival branding. Sinead created a mixture of assets, a new logo lock up, branding for events, social media post formats and mock ups for merch. Following this, I used all the brand assets to give F*ck Being Humble's website a complete refresh - A huge congrats and thank you to Sinead Taylor for bringing the brand to life in such an amazing way, highly recommend working with her for anyone looking for a graphic designer!