Rebrand and website design for creative business coach and consultant – auriel

  • Penny Lee aka The Brand Directoress®

Auriel Majumdar is a creative business coach, consultant, teacher and poet. The whole brand tone we created is approachable, open and reassuring. Auriel is listening and speaking from a place of knowledge and experience. Services: Creative direction, Brand strategy, Brand design, Art Direction, Web design, Social media profiles. Photography: Helena Dolby

‘It was five years since I set up in business and was time to freshen up my brand so it represented how much I’ve deepened in my practice. I love what Penny has created for me - direct, honest and unafraid.’

– Auriel Majumdar

We documented a day of a one-to-one session. Allowing us in to create a bank of honest images for the website, social profiles, future marketing and profiles for regular speaking engagements.

The navigation uses the important questions: who, how, what and where to guide you through the site.

The bold move to simply use auriel’s first name took down barriers. First name terms. Personal.

Carefully selected poems for the business cards expressing a human and creative approach. Allowing for a different introduction to how auriel works with you.