Rebranding Mixcloud, the global community for audio culture

  • Lisa Roolant

While Head of Comms at Mixcloud, my role was pivotal in developing and launching a new brand for the audio streaming platform loved by millions worldwide. Little work had been done on its brand since its early tech startup days. Facing a pivot in a competitive music streaming market, the time for rebranding was ripe. The mission: - Craft and communicate a new fan-to-creator focused mission and vision (see: Mixcloud Select) - Ditch the dated cloud and build a culturally relevant brand, appealing both to Mixcloud’s core community and a more future-facing demographic - Celebrate the richness in diversity of scenes and cultures as a platform brand, balancing the ability to be democratic in taste and culturally curatorial The new M-X brand was launched early 2020, marking Mixcloud’s 10th year as a platform loved by millions. The results? See below.