Red Tide - S/S 2019

  • Ana-Maria Pitis
Red Tide S/S 2019

In a time where our planet is calling for help, the ocean is struggling too. The amount of plastic generated in the past 60 years is as heavy as 18.2 trillion pounds and plastic can take up to 450 years to decompose. The collection is using the plastic found at sea to cede a message. Its featuring layers of melted plastic on fabrics, with appearances of coral reef textures and a sense of fluidity.

Fashion Designer: Ana-Maria Pitis
Model: Talin Tariq Shabedden
Photographer: Roxana Ruse
Behind the scene camera: Andrea Bortolaso
Behind the scene video editor: Roxana Ruse
Ana-Maria Pitis
Instagram: @amaria_pitis


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