Reebok AstroRide

  • Justin Barnwell

The Reebok Astro Ride shoot created a first for Reebok Fitness and fitness videos alike. All the videos we created for the AstroRide series were 1 takes! So how did we do it: How does this work: The high speed camera (Phantom Flex) was mounted onto the Bolt motion control rig, this rig was on a track located next to the Treadmill. The Bolt was programmed via 3d software to move to designated keyframes within the shot sequence, the Phantom camera was shooting 1000 frames per second. With the athlete running maximum speed 5.6 seconds of filming generated 4 minutes of footage! •Client: RFE International / Reebok Fitness •Director: Justin Barnwell •DOP: James Adair •Focus: Jake Betteridge •Gaffer: Richard Scott •Bolt: MRMC/Callum Cameron •Phantom Op: Jesse Llande @ LOVE HIGH SPEED •Set Build: Rule One Productions •3d Tracking: John Brown •Graphics & Animation: Ben Mason


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