Refinery29 x Asos #R29StyleStalking | Fashion Editorial

  • Julie-Anne Vergez
  • Kirsty Hathaway
Refinery29's Style Stalking series in partnership with ASOS showcases personal style shot on real girls all over the world (NY, LA, London, Berlin). Their goal was to showcase global relevance and overall create awareness for the brand, creating Instagram-first style videos that are fast-paced and beg to be watched on repeat. Using a varied creative approaches, each video captures the essence of a trend and the city it's embodying.... timelapse and hyperlapse connected viewers to the bustling city streets of London.

Creative Director – Sra McDowell
Filmmaker – Adam Giese
Camera Assistant – Julia Pitch
Photographer – Rosaline Shahnavaz
Models – Emma Breschi, Orla Carolina & Ayesha McMahon
Stylist – PC Williams
MUA – Ammy Drammeh
Hair – Virginie Moreira
Nails – Roxanne Campbell
Casting – Lilac Perez
Editor – Ron Douglas
Music – P on The Boards
Supervising Producer – Megan Doyle
Associate Producer – Kevin Kushner
Producer – Nicole Van Straatum
Local Producer – Julie Vergez

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