Case Study: Revitalizing the Heron Books Brand for the 21st Century

  • Irene Tabayoyon

Overview: Heron Books presented me with the challenge of modernizing its brand identity, which was characterized by an outdated logo resembling a peculiar bird hybrid. The goal was to create a unified and refined brand that exuded simplicity, cleanliness, warmth, elegance, and optimism. Client: Heron Books, a modest player in digital printing and book publishing, sought to elevate its image to match the quality of its K-12 curriculum. Despite crafting exceptional educational materials, the brand struggled to extend its reach beyond existing clientele and niche audiences. Objective: My mission was clear: to position Heron Books as a distinctive voice in curriculum development, homeschooling, and the broader realm of publishing. Scope: The project scope encompassed modernizing the logo, standardizing Heron Books' visual identity, and ensuring consistency across all brand touchpoints, including the website and other communication channels. Research & Analysis: Working closely with stakeholders, I conducted extensive research into competitor brands, industry trends, and the essence of effective branding. By delving into Heron Books' strategic aspirations, target audience, and market dynamics, I gained invaluable insights that informed our design direction. Concept Development: The journey began with reimagining the Heron Books logo, envisioning a more authentic representation of the majestic bird. While I wasn't directly involved in illustration, I curated complementary typography, refined the logo layout, and introduced a cohesive color palette and typography suite to articulate the brand's distinct voice. Outcome: The design process unfolded seamlessly, transitioning from conceptual sketches to digital refinement using Illustrator. Subsequently, the website underwent a comprehensive overhaul to reflect the brand's new identity. From shipping labels to emails, every brand touchpoint received meticulous attention to detail, aligning with Heron Books' refined image. I crafted a comprehensive brand book to ensure alignment across all team members, empowering them to embody the brand ethos in their respective roles.

Previously printed materials course cover was inline with design aesthics of the 1980s when looking to revamp their brand image careful consideration was given to typography, spacing and choosing an engaging color palette.