Reimagining the potential of luxury home environments… outdoors

  • Joey Lee

Newly positioned masters of intuitive home technology, Cornflake, wanted to set their sights on luxury experiences outdoors, by developing an entertainment console. Working alongside a Creative Director as a duo, I led the strategy and identity for their new product, including naming ‘The Eden Chest’.

The initial identity for the product was developed from Cornflake’s identity of luxury, as well as the masterful and wish-fulfilling character traits. This enabled an initial visual identity to be created using inspiration from the marks of champagne bottles, used to celebrate luxury, as well as old vintage travel stamps, used to form memories of discovery.

Verbal inspiration came from three key themes: ‘open the outdoors’ the product would sit in an outdoor luxury environment, ‘celebration’ to reflect the sharing of celebratory moments and ‘treasure’ to explore the sense of wonder in finding and opening a chest.

From these three key themes, as well as Cornflake’s character traits, I explored a variety of names, before landing on ‘The Eden Chest’. This name reflected a place of outdoor happiness, communicated that the product is self-contained and also added an exciting element of reveal.
“any delightful region or abode; paradise. A state of perfect happiness or bliss.”
— Eden (meaning)

“Chest - a box, usually with a lid, for storage, safekeeping of valuables, etc.: a toy chest; a jewellery chest. Offers intrigue and alludes to value, treasure and jewellery.”
— Chest (meaning)