Reimagining the potential of luxury living environments

  • Joey Lee

Cornflake, based in Soho, wanted to reposition their brand identity moving away from ‘automated tech installers’ to experience-based curators of connection, bringing moments of wonder to luxury home environments. I led verbal brand identity to communicate exquisite spaces made effortlessly accessible for consumers through Cornflake’s skilled and trusted experience, elevating the potential of what home can be.

The technology industry makes one hell of a racket. Endless tech specs, lists of features and compatibility options. It can all be a bit of a headache. So what if you have a luxury home, a big budget to spend but no time to become a technician? You have a chat with Cornflake, the masters of intuitive technology, helping people to experience closer relationships with moments that matter - because the finest life starts at home.

Working closely with strategy and creative direction, I developed tone of voice guidelines based on category, consumer and company findings, identifying three unique character traits for the brand. These foundations allowed me to craft copy across digital, print and experiential executions, seeing Cornflake as 'Curators of Connection’ - revealing their ability to engender moments of wonder within the home.