Relentless Energy - Festivals 2019

  • Jack Swallow
  • James Skipp
  • Francesca Welch

Creating the largest ever version of the infamous Relentless stage at Leeds Festival 2018 in conjunction with Vision Nine and LiveNation, delivering a mind blowing show to 12,000 people per night, across 4 nights.

Building on Relentless Energy’s infamous festival appearances, 2019 saw the redesign and activation of their stage at Leeds and Boardmasters festivals.

Leeds involved a complete re-think of the late-night stage which ultimately played out as 20 top-name DJ’s across 4 nights, under 120+ metre tunnel of lighting, sound and screens, playing to 15,000 people per night to amplify the festival sponsorship deal with Relentless.

Boardmasters saw the stage return to its position against the sun-soaked backdrop of the Cornwall coast, bringing 3 days and nights of programmed DJ’s including Idris Elba, Claptone and Bicep