Reposition Brief Not Just A Cinema

  • Michael Tanner

“The Cinema has the power to make you not feel lonely, even when you are.” - Tom Hanks Over the past year, Cinemas and the Film Industry has been hit hard by the COVID Pandemic. Cinemas closed, and became stagnent. But people have missed the Experience of the Cinema. The average time spent viewing audiovisual entertainment in the UK home grew from four hours, 53 minutes in April 2019 to six hours and 25 minutes in April 2020. Cinemas are an Experience, and sharing it with friends, and connect. However, people have missed the Experience. People miss the feeling of going, especially with friends. The Idea is To try and get people to go to the cinema again, to re-live the Cinema Experience by showing them more Experiences that can be had, besides just watching films, and what the Cinema cna really be used for.