Repositioning Rituals Cosmetics

  • Fabrizio Di Bon

Redefine the brand promise and create an interactive global platform that seamlessly blends the e-commerce experience with Rituals editorial stories. Year: 2015 – Role: Creative Direction & Design

Rituals is an international cosmetics brand with 350+ stores worldwide and a growing e-commerce platform. Beside their stores and web shop, their products are available at almost 1000 points of sale within leading department stores, onboard airlines and in 800 hotels.

The Collected Insights

We began by asking current customers about their beauty habits. The recurring element? Some actions feel so natural and ingrained, they are barely noticed on a conscious level. That’s where we saw an opportunity for Rituals: to experience the everyday with new, different eyes.
The idea

Change the ordinary in extra extraordinarily

Rituals gives you tools & stories to enrich daily events. Taking a bath? Why not elevate it with a short story on the history of bathing & ideal circumstances. Waking up? Why not start a meditation session on your phone. Turning every day moments into more meaningful rituals. That's the idea.
Brand promise

Making the everyday exceptional

We believe that happiness can be found in the smallest of things.It is our passion to transform your everyday routines into meaningful rituals.
Creative concept

From inside to outside — and back

To offer customers a 360° brand experience, we connected the online and offline elements in one seamless journey: from the website to the app and back to the store
Integrated storytelling

Transforming the essence of beauty

By escaping the traditional just-the-product strategy, we empowered the brand to stay a step ahead. Rich content and relevant experiences formed the core element of this new strategy that envisioned Rituals as a skilled storyteller and a beauty expert.
Product innovation

Let’s kickstart your day with some morning meditation and even yoga

From your daily dose of zen to the after-lunch workout, we help you stay on track and motivated in every moment. Our smart store finder is there to deliver relevant information based on your location, as well as direct you to the nearest Rituals store.
Brand language

True beauty, from the inside out

Eventually, we hand-selected the best freelancers for each task — from icon and platform designers to copywriters and photographers — and led the in-house creative team in the challenging transformation of the brand’s visual identity. Every month, we would generate contagious stories that would support our bigger idea of celebrating all the little things in life.


We opened up the product photography and gave the products a bigger stage where they could manifest. Regarding the editorial photography we wanted make nature a bigger part of the brand.


We created a recognisable icon set containing more than 35 icons.

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