Research → Web 3 and the Metaverse

  • Leticia Xavier

Research and report writing about Web3 and the Metaverse for Heineken's global marketing teams.

The project started with a Desk research, to paint the scenario and explain to the client's marketing teams what Web 3 is all about. After that, I was also hired to continue the research report by working on the analysis of 10 group interviews, 10 digital ethnographic observations and 15 individual interviews with different consumer profiles.

This work allowed me to deep dive into an uncharted layer of the Internet, that was once only a personal interest of mine.


- Web 3
- Blockchain
- Digital culture
- Gaming market
- Virtual worlds
- dApps
- DAOs
- Cryptocurrency
- VR, AR, XR
- Virtual consumption / consumer behavior
- Play-to-earn, token-gated communities and others

The following media is a sample of the first part of the report. There is no sensitive information included in this material.