Researcher in Contemporary Art

  • Tess Baxter

I submitted this PhD at the end of 2020, and passed the viva early in 2021. It draws on my lifetime of experience with creativity, technology and social life. It is practice based, originating with video art (or machinima) which extended into traditional craft printmaking - light on screen into ink on paper. I take a multi-disciplinary approach, combining art, sociology, anthropology and literary theory in particular. Technology is tied to how human cultural processes develop - I bring that human dimension to media and tech studies that often sees the technology as separate and humans as mere users. The image also represents how I cross boundaries in my research. Repeat Hikari was a video that very much explored perception within a digital virtual world space, connecting with theory, but not explicitly explaining or formulated by it. More the way that practice and theory can inform each other. The image is of it being shown in the Supernova Digital Animation Festival. A small screen video now on a big screen in a venue, showing to the public. The full video is on Vimeo and the link is below. Research connects with my other creative work as well. The recipe books were based on my research on local community cookbooks from the early 20th century.

Finally, I worked some of these images into hand crafted printmaking during my residency at Edinburgh Printmakers over the winter of 2019-20 - another way of connecting what is often seen as separate.