Rethink Praise

  • isabella mulholland

‘Rethink Praise’ is a content project to raise awareness on an issue that is almost invisible, but has everlasting effects on women’s lives: praises. The way we praise girls affects who they will become in the future. It can undermine their potential or it can empower them. The way to approach the issue was to develop a feature length documentary with acclaimed director Estela Renner. By deep diving into the lives of different families with mixed gender twins, the documentary was able to show how unequal praise is ingrained in society and generate the empathy necessary to create 80% of praise for girls is based on how they look, while boys are praised for their talents. When a girl is praised only on her appearance, she believes her worth is solely based on her attractiveness. It seems innocent, but this sort of praise has a deeply rooted gender bias, and can limit her potential. Words travel from childhood through to her teenage years and onto adulthood. Avon believes every girl deserves to reach her potential and created a project to change the way we praise girls. To tell girls they are more than pretty. Careless words harm women empowerment, careful words enable it.