Revive your Lunch-life

  • Alexi Mccarthy

A good, tasty, nutritious bowl of soup is often overlooked. You see, most people have no idea that New Covent Garden Soup have 27 different flavours. They’re healthy, they’re filling, they’re tasty and they’re really easy to prepare. Perfect for lunch. So some research was done and it showed that : People have just not realised how unremarkable their lunchtimes have become.

So we wanted to shake people out of their malaise

Our big idea was ‘Revive Your Lunch-Life’ — a campaign challenging the public to ‘dump’ the familiar lunch-time sandwiches & salads and set about wooing them into embarking on a cheeky little affair with flavour!
We led the campaign with a series of ads that aired on TV & Video On Demand
And then put it anywhere that might influence people’s lunch time decisions.
With Some tactical placements just before lunchtime... obviously
… And on Valentines day a massive office drop was organised to workplaces around the UK to help bring a bit of ‘lunch’ back into their lives.


4.5 million Facebook reach = 45% over target
1.5 million video views = 86% over target
Earned Impressions = 1 million+

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