• Simran Bhalla

From doing my university dissertation in 2019 on the representation of South Asian women within creative industries, to actually being able to implement this into a real brand was the most amazing feeling. I am a strong advocate for diversity & inclusivity, especially within the creative sector. I think it’s important to represent South Asians and the amazing talent they bring to the table, as well as represent them in a way thats authentic and not tokenised. Being South Asian myself, I want to see more people like me being represented externally & internally within the industry. Being able to work for an inclusive beauty brand that I can use my voice to make change is empowering and I feel proud I can do so. I created and organised a social campaign to showcase the wonderful talent of South Asian creatives and influencers across all Revolution's social channels for Diwlali. Here are some highlights of the campaign on Instagram. I organised the content of beautiful South Asian talent to be showcased across all our social platforms, as well as creating content myself. The campaign itself proved to be very successful reaching 3 million followers with all channels combined. The full campaign was posted on the Revolution Beauty Instagram channels: @makeuprevolution @Iheartrevolution @makeupobsession @xxrevolution @revolutionpro